Casablanca. Vibrant and rough, inviting yet unforgiving. Four souls in search of truth. Hakim, living in the conservative medina, dreams of being a rock star. Salima, on the verge of resignation, struggles to free herself from a society that wants to define her.

Joe, a Jewish restaurant owner, chooses to live in the Casablanca he fantasizes about, blurring his reality. Inès, young and rich, is torn between tradition and modernity as she deals with her sexual awakening… More than three decades earlier, a passionate teacher in the Atlas Mountains is put to silence… Through the echo of his shattered dreams, their disillusions embody the sparks that will light up the city in flames.

"Qu’importe la langue si vous leur ôtez la voix.
Qu’importe la foi, si vous leur ôtez leurs rêves..."

Main actors


Born in 1980 in Tangiers, Morocco, Maryam Touzani spent her childhood in her hometown before obtaining a university degree in London. Passionate about writing, she decided to move back to Morocco after her studies and started working as a journalist, specialized in film. She developed in parallel her own projects around this passion.
Soon, she felt the need to express herself through her own movies. Her short film "QUAND ILS DORMENT" (Morocco/2011/17') is her first cinematographic experience. She directed the discreet documentary "Sous Ma Vieille Peau/Much Loved" (2014), then she directed her second short film "AYA VA À LA PLAGE" (2015).
With the movie “RAZZIA” (2017), Maryam TOUZANI is starting her career as an actress in which plays Salima, one of the main characters of the movie.


Amine ENNAJI, born on Saturday the 8th of April 1972 in Casablanca from an accountant father and an artisan mother. Amine joined the primary school in 1977, and finished in 1990 to join the French school of technical and commercial education, where he graduated in 1995. From 1996 to 1998 he worked as an accountant. After he left this job to learn music theory as well as the theatre at the Concervatoire Municipale de Casablanca Drama section.
Being known as a professional actor since 1999. he went through various drama schools such as LAMALIF edited by Shimi CHAFIK in wich he gained the majority of his skills and training. There fore he joined the workshop FADAE ALIWAE led by Boussarhan ZITOUNI until nowadays. He played with the company CHANACHIL THEATRE led by Imad MANSSOUR and he becom a member of the company led by Jaouad ESSOUNANI, DABATEATR.
Bethween the period when he played in (NAGE TA MERE) in 1999 and the TV serial (RAZZIA) in 2018, Amine was involved in several projects theatre, television and films nationally and internationally. And from 2004 Amine took part in a lot of plays translated from English and French to Moroccan dialectic. He also participated in writing of some screen plays...


Arieh Worthalter is a Belgium actor. He studied drama at INSAS and at the Conservatoire de Liège.
He has alternated many roles in the cinema and television since 2012 and he also performs in theater plays.
In 2016, he co-wrote the play "WILDERNESS" inspired by his trip to North and South America for two years.
Arieh Worthalter plays Joe, one of the main roles, in “RAZZIA”.

Abdelilah RACHID

Abdellilah Rachis is a Moroccan actor, Holder of a diploma in journalism and animation and of numerous trainings in theater performance. He was a student in the institute of drama of Casablanca.
His first cinematographic appearance was during the film "HORSES OD GOD" (2012) by Nabil Ayouch, where he played the main role and was invited to participate in the Cannes festival where the film won the "François Chalet" prize in 2012. He also received a special mention at the Namer festival. After all this success, Abdelilah Rachid became an essential name in the Moroccan film industry. Later, he played several major roles and among these, his notable performances include “FIDAA” “EXPRESS AGADIR” and series such as “RDAT EL WALIDA”' by Zakia Tahiri, "AIM IHAQ" by Abdeslam quelai, "HIBAL RIH" by Driss Rokhpour. Now, he is playing another heroic role with Nabil Ayouch as the director in the movie “RAZZIA” in which he plays Hakim one of the main roles.

Film details

Biography of Nabil Ayouch

Nabil Ayouch was born on April 01, 1969 in Paris. He is a member Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars), the Academy of Caesars and is part of the founding board of the Arab Film Academy.

In 1997, Nabil Ayouch directed his first feature film, MEKTOUB, which has represented Morocco at the Oscars. Others of his films have also been presented at the Oscars like ALI ZAOUA (2000) or HORSES OF GOD (2012). His other films include A MINUTE OF SUN IN LESS (2003) and WHATEVER LOLA WANTS (2008), produced by Pathé and MUCH LOVED (2014) and finally RAZZIA (2017).

His first short film in 1992, LES PIERRES BLEUES DESERT has revealed the famous French humorist Jamel Debouzze. In 2009, he designed and staged the closing performance of the World Economic Forum in Davos, after having staged several live shows, such as the opening of Le Temps du Maroc in France at the Château de Versailles in 1999.

Nabil Ayouch created in 1999 Ali n’ Productions, a company with which he helps young directors to launch through initiatives such as the Mohamed Reggab Award, a script competition and production of 8 short films in 35 mm.

Between 2005 and 2010, he produced 40 genre films as part of the Film Industry. In 2006, he launched the program Meda Films Development - with the support of the European Union and the Foundation of the International Film Festival of Marrakech, which is a support structure for producers and scriptwriters coming from the ten countries of the South Shore of the Mediterranean.

Nabil Ayouch founds G.A.R.P. (Grouping of Authors, Directors, Producers) in 2002 and the "Moroccan Coalition for Cultural Diversity" in 2003. In 2008, he participated in the creation of the Moroccan Association of Fight against Piracy, which he chairs. In 2011, he was appointed to the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. He also released his first feature documentary, MY LAND, which he shot in the Middle East.

Biography of Siham El Faydi

Cultural and talent communicator, fighter... Siham El Faydi has made her way into the film industry thanks to her perseverance and passion. She has made her debut on the radio and forged herself into press relations.
Meet a woman working "in the shadows" who still keep on shining.
She does not count the many hours of work she is doing anymore. Passionate and determined, Siham El Faydi has managed to find a place in the world of cinema and cultural communication. She is often associated with Nabil Ayouch since she has been working by his side for many years. To shine, she can rely on the inspiration given to her by the energy of the director.

Technical Specifications

Nabil Ayouch
Nabil Ayouch and Maryam Touzani
Maryam Touzani, Amine Ennaji, AriehWorthalter, Abdelilah Rachid
Bruno Nahon, Patrick Quinet, Nabil Ayouch
Concept Mena - Siham El Faydi
Date de sortie
Nationale : February 14, 2018

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